Sharp Little Bones (Volumes I & II) was recorded high on the buzz from their sell-out shows and during the hottest two days of summer 2022 at Metronome, Nottingham. The double album of entirely new, exciting music captures the energy, virtuosity, and soul of the house trio of Peggy's Skylight (a multi-award-winning jazz venue). The album's compositions reach deep within and far outside the jazz canon. There are catchy, energetic tracks, beautiful bass-led melodies, spacious ballads, spiritual and expansive atmospheres, hard swingers, and groove-led pieces full of vibe. There's freedom for expressive solos and group-led improvisation within well-crafted, melodic writing and tight, rhythmical arrangements.

Sharp Little Bones

Sharp Little Bones is the brainchild of bassist and composer Simon Paterson. Joined by MOBO-nominated, multi-BBC Jazz and Parliamentary Jazz Awards winner Tony Kofi, they are a quartet of virtuosos playing brand-new compositions that are tight, energetic, catchy, and melodic. Well experienced in entertaining audiences, their sound has fresh, contemporary appeal: live acoustic forces rooted in bebop and blues, embellished with tasteful electronics and warm, analogue synth textures: an eclectic audio melting pot of jazz, funk, blues, and bop. Taking the listener on an eventful excursion of harmonic, melodic and rhythmical delight, this is music composed and improvised for feet, heart, and mind.

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